Orthopaedic insoles: support, stabilise and cushion

The field of application for medi insoles is wide-ranging and covers many indications, since orthopaedic shoe insoles are used for more than alleviating foot discomfort. Medical supply stores also use insoles to help alleviate pain and promote mobility in coping with back problems and knee and hip complaints. Here’s an overview of the products.

Orthopaedic insoles

Orthopaedic shoe insoles for a wide range of applications

Orthopaedic shoe insoles can stabilise, support and gently correct incorrect posture. They cover a broad spectrum. From children’s shoes to sports and hiking boots through to business shoes or even pumps: medi has a suitable insole model for almost every user and type of shoe.

Customised insoles are made from insole blanks professionally tailored in the medical supply store to suit the user and their footwear. Specialist retailers carry out individual foot analyses for this purpose. The shoe insoles made of high-quality materials (such as carbon) are used, among other things, to alleviate pes transversovalgus (flat feet) and hallux rigidus.

Note: The foot orthotic blank is handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made orthotic. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication.

Study documents positive effects resulting from the use of orthopaedic shoe insoles

The study by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research (IfD) on behalf of eurocom e. V. confirms that users like using the insoles. The effects of wearing the insoles are evaluated as very positive: about 80 percent of participants report reduced pain as being particularly positive. The study also reveals that about twelve million Germans have already been using their medically prescribed insoles on a regular and long-term basis.1



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