Orthoses calm, stabilise and relieve pressure. They are used to treat irritation, injuries or after operations.


medi orthoses for adults and children: Stabilisation and immobilisation of joints and back

medi offers a variety of different joint and back orthoses. These can provide stability and security on the path to healing in the case of irritation, injuries or after surgery.

If there is a medical need, the attending physician can prescribe an orthosis. He or she will determine when and for how long you should wear your orthosis.

How and where do you get your medi orthosis?

After your doctor prescribes the orthosis, the specialist staff at your local medical supply store will advise you and adjusts the orthosis to fit you. In addition, the patient will receive valuable tips on how to put it on and how to clean it, as well as how to wear it correctly.

Orthoses from medi offer impressive advantages

  • Clima Comfort*:
    Modern fibre technologies quickly wick moisture from the skin and ensure a high level of breathability – for pleasant wearing comfort in all seasons.
  • Clima Fresh:
    The integrated Clima Fresh function has an odour-inhibiting effect. This is achieved via special thread technology or via special processing during the production process. .
  • Comfort Zone:
    Soft zones in the sensitive flexion area make it possible for orthoses to not dig in or cause uncomfortable pressure, even when worn for long periods of time.
  • medi Airtex:
    Patient compliance is high thanks to the optimal climate regulation and great wearing comfort. 

 * Scientifically tested by the French Institute IFTH. The test result shows that the Clima Comfort technology from medi ensures the climate balance between skin and stocking. medi achieved an excellent overall rating with 11 out of 12 points