mediven compression stockings after 4-level-thrombosis: Beneficial and richly varied, thanks to a wide range of colours

A year ago, Tugce Bagceci-Yücel was diagnosed with “thrombosis”. The current mediven design campaign helps her to approach her compression therapy in a more self-confident way. The young woman shares her experiences in an interview.

Tugce about her experiences with medical compression stockings after 4-level-thrombosis

Diagnosis of 4-level-thrombosis – thanks to the mediven trend colours, therapy with mediven compression stockings is not only effective, but also fashionably varied

While travelling in Turkey, Tugce Bagceci-Yücel suddenly fell ill. Back in Germany, her condition worsened, her left leg swelled, became warm and turned bluish. She was then finally diagnosed with grade 4 thrombosis. Medical compression stockings are an important component of her therapy. Today, she is one of the faces of the new mediven design campaign “Unique together!”

Mrs Bagceci-Yücel, in August 2022 you received the diagnosis of thrombosis. Do you know what triggered it?

“Unfortunately, it’s not possible to say for certain the cause. Shortly after my wedding last June, we flew first to the Maldives and then to Turkey to visit our family. There I got tonsillitis and a high fever. I also had persistent pain in my lower back – for three days I could hardly move. At the hospital in Antalya, they gave me an intravenous infusion and medication for the fever. The doctor thought it was the flu or a severe cold.”

See a doctor quickly if your leg swells, becomes warm and the skin turns bluish in colour

Did your condition improve afterwards?

“Partially! Back in Germany, the tonsillitis and fever had subsided, but the back pain got worse. My orthopaedic specialist then prescribed me painkillers. Two days later, my left leg was slightly swollen and I made another appointment with the orthopaedic specialist, who classified the swelling as a side effect of the tablets. In the days that followed, my leg became noticeably thicker and the skin turned a bluish colour. In addition, my lower leg felt warm. My research on the internet revealed ‘thrombosis’ as a possible diagnosis. I then went to my family doctor. He immediately diagnosed it as thrombosis and injected me with heparin (anticoagulant). His daughter had suffered from thrombosis when she was 16, so he knew the clinical picture well.”

Diagnosis: 4-level-thrombosis in the calf, knee, thigh and pelvis

What happened during your further treatment?

“At the hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed: Grade 4 thrombosis – the combination of venous thrombosis in the calf, knee, thigh and pelvis. I was prescribed strict bed rest and a tight compression bandage was applied daily, which helped with the venous backlog in my leg and the pain. To prevent pulmonary embolism and promote thrombus breakdown, I had heparin injections twice a day and then switched to tablets. I also received my first medical compression stockings at the hospital.”

How did you feel after the diagnosis?

“For me it was a stressful time and I blamed myself: Had I been eating too unhealthy or not getting enough exercise? Could the thrombosis have been prevented if I had worn travel stockings, or did taking birth control pills make thrombosis more likely to occur? The prospect of wearing medical compression every day was also scary at first – I felt undereducated about the condition and treatment options. The support of my family, especially my husband and my mother, was of particular help to me because I could still barely move after my being discharged from hospital and was on crutches – my mother moved in with us for two weeks. She cared deeply for me and helped me to be kinder to myself.”

Did you also seek to contact other sufferers?

Tugce und Ilka are two of the faces of the new trend colour campaign 2023

“I did a lot of research on the internet after my diagnosis and came across Ilka John by chance. She was diagnosed with leg and pelvic vein thrombosis when she was 18. On her Instagram account, I saw how versatile medical compression can be and how open and self-confident Ilka is about her condition. This showed me that there are many young people who have had the same experience as me and that I am not alone with my diagnosis. I didn’t want to define myself by my condition, because it is only a small part of me. I realised that it’s up to me to take my physical and mental well-being into my own hands and actively influence the course of the chronic condition and therapy!”

What do your therapy measures involve today?

“I have regular check-ups and, on the advice of my family doctor, I made an appointment at Münster University Hospital. There they took a blood sample, among other things, which showed that I have Factor V Leiden, a hereditary disease that disrupts blood clotting and thus increases the risk of thrombosis. Every day I wear my round knit medical compression stockings from medi, either mediven forte or mediven plus – both are pleasant to wear, fit perfectly and I feel completely at ease in them. The medical compression stockings were prescribed by my family doctor as a prophylaxis for my right leg and because my abdomen was swollen at first. I’m also trying to eat healthier and cook fresh food. In addition, I walk at least 10,000 steps a day and have enrolled in a gym. I need to take things slowly because if I exercise too much, my leg will swell up again quickly.”

Colourful, round knit medical compression after a thrombosis episode

How are you coping with your medical compression treatment?

“I received great advice at the medical supply store in Beckum. The specialist adviser spent a great deal of time educating me on skincare and explaining how to put on the stockings. At first, it felt very unfamiliar to wear medical compression stockings and I opted for the colour black so as not to stand out. However, during my shoot for medi’s new design campaign, I saw how fashionable and versatile medical compression can be styled. I received so many suggestions and possible combinations, including from other influencers such as Caroline Sprott, which I have since implemented in my everyday life. I especially love the trendy sage green colour – it's so easy to combine and goes well with my complexion.”

“The medical compression stockings from medi relieve my discomfort and the new mediven trend colours are fashionably versatile.”

What did you think when you were asked by medi to be one of the faces of the new design campaign “Unique Together”?

“I never would have imagined that it was possible for me to be in front of the camera as a model. Of course, I was pleased and immediately accepted because I believe in the message of the campaign. The diagnosis of a chronic condition is not a blessing, but it can empower and inspire sufferers to help others as well as raise awareness. It is important not to hide yourself away, but to wear your medical compression with confidence. Talking with other sufferers helps a lot. Seeing how they manage their lives and how positively they deal with their condition was the turning point for me! And that is exactly what I would like to pass on. No one is alone with their condition and together we create many new feel-good moments that enrich our lives – and encourage others to lead balanced, successful and self-determined lives.”

Thank you so much for the beautiful words and for telling us about your story!


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Intended purpose mediven® plus | mediven® forte: Round-knitted medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.