mediven® colours and patterns for compression stockings

“The confidence to be me!” is the motto of the new mediven colour and pattern variety. Because modern compression therapy is all about being real: real patients, real good care in a really fashionable look. A breath of fresh air is now provided by the completely new patterns in the flat knit range as well as two strong new trend colours.

mediven® compression stockings in new trend colours

Try out mediven® colours and patterns

Look forward to life’s fashionable moments – with the many colours and patterns available with mediven compression stockings.

mediven compression stockings win over wearers thanks to their versatility, first-class quality and unbeatable user comfort: medi combines the world of medicine with the demands of fashion and offers mediven compression stockings in a colourful variety and range of trendy designs: Items that delight are gladly worn. This, in turn, benefits the success of therapy for venous diseases, lipoedema and lymphedema.

And that is why medi offers a wide range of colours for both vein and oedema patients. Patients can choose between standard colours – including a wide range of skin tones. Furthermore, regular changes in trend colours compliment the range. These are based on international fashion trends and are available for 12 months from autumn.

Time for a breath of fresh air:   

On October 4th we will replace Violet and Cherry-red with the new mediven trend colours Avocado-green and Mango-yellow. Fresh patterns for the Design- and Fashion-Elements of the flat knit mediven arm and leg garments are also available.

To the new flat knit variety

To the new round knit variety

Look forward now to a new and attractive range of colour and pattern options. It will be available in ...


Trend colours* in venous and oedema therapy

The mediven trend colours make you want to combine different looks during venous and oedema therapy. Patients benefit from vibrant colours and lots of freedom in terms of styling: The combination of well-being and trendy fashion ensures individuality and a sense of self-confidence.

*Please note that the delivery times for trend colours are slightly longer than for standard colours. No trend colours for the products medi travel, mediven for men and mediven active.

Standard colours in venous therapy

The tried-and-tested standard colours are generally available in various material thicknesses, meaning that venous patients do not have to go without their favourite mediven colour when changing the material thickness. Venous patients can choose between different skin tones – depending on their type.

Standard colours in oedema therapy

With the standard colours, oedema patients can choose between different skin tones and classic shades.
The standard colours are available for mediven 550 legmediven mondimediven cosymediven 550 arm and mediven esprit.

Please note: All patterns (Design- and Fashion-Elements) of our flat knit range as well as the trend colours Violet and Cherry-red of our flat knit and round knit range can be ordered only until 24/09/2021. The new trend colours and new patterns in our flat knit range will be available as of 04/10/2021!

Single colour patterns for oedema therapy: Design-Elements

medi encourages oedema patients to wear compression stockings with confidence. Colours, patterns and individual design details combine function and design for more user comfort and a great look.

The Design-Elements are available for mediven 550 legmediven cosy, mediven 550 arm and mediven esprit.

What’s more: Did you know that every third flat knit stocking that leaves our company today has been ordered with a pattern finish? – Oedema patients love to create their own individual stockings with colours and patterns!

Two-colour patterns for oedema therapy: Fashion-Elements

The four patterns and four colours offer 16 possible combinations, which is unique in the field of oedema therapy.

By the way: medi is winner of the iF Design Awards 2019 in the “Product Design” category for the medical compression stockings mediven 550 leg with the Fashion-Elements. Since May 2020, the Fashion-Elements have also been available for mediven cosy.

Fashion elements for oedema therapy
  1. Colour Pink

    Fashion-Element Flower combined with the colour Pink

  2. Colour Lilac

    Fashion-Element Flower combined with the colour Lilac

  3. Colour Grey

    Fashion-Element Flower combined with the colour Grey

  4. Colour Berry

    Fashion-Element Flower combined with the colour Berry

  5. Pattern Flower

    Fashion-Element Flower combined with the colour Pink

  6. Pattern Ornaments

    Fashion-Element Ornaments combined with the colour Pink

  7. Pattern Crosses

    Fashion-Element Crosses combined with the colour Pink

  8. Pattern Animal

    Fashion-Element Animal combined with the colour Pink