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mediven colours and designs

Wide selection of colours and designs for more individuality

medi combines the world of medicine with the flair of lifestyle: mediven compression stockings are available in a colorful selection and a trendy design: because if you like something, it will make you happy and you will enjoy wearing it. medi's products are marked first and foremost by their versatility, the many combination options they provide, their first-class finishing and that feel-good wearing factor - precisely because it is vital for successful treatment that wearers of medical devices also find them attractive.

Treating veins with medi's colourful compression garments: chic, colourful – and thanks to compression – a real treat for the legs

Venous therapy should be as comfortable as possible: so-called "support stockings" used to have a reputation for being old-fashioned and uncomfortable to wear. With today's medical compression garments – which are still often confused with support stockings – there is no longer any question of this: patients who like their garments to be colourful, full of variety and comfortable make the right choice with mediven. Besides the tried-and-tested standard colours, mediven compression garments are also available in trend colours and in many different skin tones. This enables patients with venous disease to match their compression hosiery to their individual skin type and even to any season they wish, i.e. from pale to sun-bronzed skin. Patients with venous disease can combine high medical efficacy with well-being and trendy fashion with stylish up-to-the-minute compression garments.

Treating oedema: be bold with fantastic colours and patterns

The medical compression hosiery (arm and leg garments) for patients with oedema is available in both standard and trend colours as well as with patterns.

By the way, did you know that every third flat knit stocking that leaves our company was ordered with a sophisticated pattern? – patients with oedema love mixing and matching their individual stockings with colours and patterns!

Colours for oedema treatment

Colours for oedema treatment

Colours for venous treatment

Colours for venous treatment