Functional zones

mediven® flat knit adapts to your life

Functional zones

For greater user comfort when wearing compression stockings – for the whole day

"To maximise the therapy benefit, patients should wear their compression stockings for the whole day – at work (such as in the office) and outside of work.

This demands a high level of comfort. We have designed flexure functional zones on knees and elbows for the models mediven 550 Leg and mediven 550 Arm, which make the therapy even more pleasant. To also optimally treat additional illnesses, there are also relief zones for hallux valgus and varus toe. They reduce the pressure on the affected areas that are often painful."

Flexure functional zone knee

Flexure functional zone knee: More freedom of movement

We have developed a special fabric for the new flexure functional zone for the knees: It compresses the back of the knee when bending and thus minimises wrinkling. The flexible fabric ensures better stretchability on the kneecap, giving you more freedom of movement. The functional zone is particularly suitable for you if you have to carry out sedentary tasks. It also gives you more comfort when doing exercises, such as cycling. This option is available for the model mediven 550 Leg.

Flexure functional zone elbow

Flexure functional zone elbow: Greater wearing comfort

This functional zone provides you with even more wearing comfort in the elbow area. Thanks to the special fabric in the bend of the elbow and elbow, the garment optimally adapts to your movements. It is particularly suitable if you often bend your arms when working on the PC, for example. This option is available for the model mediven 550 Arm.

Varus toe ease zone

Varus toe ease zone: Minimises pressure

In addition to the hallux valgus, the varus toe is a common foot deformation. Due to the metatarsal bone being misaligned, the ball of the little toe protrudes out and is very sensitive to pressure. The new varus toe ease zone minimises the pressure on this point. This option is available for the model mediven 550 Leg.

Hallux ease zone

Hallux ease zone: Optimal fit

The proven hallux ease zone for the model mediven 550 Leg was introduced in 2015. Its highly flexible fabric reduces the pressure on the hallux valgus and provides an optimal fit. Ganglions on the big toe are suffered by around 23 percent of people up to the age of 65, and up to 35.7 percent for those older than 65.

mediven flat knit functional zones – function and design in a new and unique way.


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