mediven® toe caps

Oedema therapy: Variety – right down to the tips of your feet 

mediven 550 toe cap

Toe caps: Greater fitting variety and user comfort

During lymphological treatment with flat knit compression stockings, the toes are often not taken into account. However, 63 per cent of all lymphoedema patients suffer from a swelling of the back of the foot.

medi offers various solutions for patient-specific compression therapy and covers this particular need with mediven toe caps. In doing so, patients with lymphoedema in the toes (Stemmer positive) and on the dorsum of the foot benefit from an individual form of therapy.  

Here you can see an extract of our toe cap variety on offer. Ask your medical supply store for advice on further options. The specialist will be happy to help you.  

Toe caps with open and closed toes

Fully-knitted and individual toe caps

The toe caps are offered as individual or fully-knitted solutions.

“Fully knitted” means that the toe cap is directly attached to the stocking without a seam. The special feature of the fully-knitted toe cap: The compression class for the toe caps can differ from the leg fitting by up to two compression classes, e.g. toe cap CCL 1, leg fitting CCL3.

Whether fully-knitted or individual: All toe caps are available with closed or open toe tips – optionally with or without a small toe. 

New: The mediven® 550 SL seamless toe cap

With immediate effect, the medi flat knit range is being supplemented with a new addition: the mediven 550 SL seamless toe cap combines proven quality with innovative knitting technology.

With its elegant look and comfortable material, the toe cap integrates seamlessly into everyday life. It ensures maximum comfort and is also easier to pull on. At the same time, it also offers the main advantages of the mediven 550 Leg: reliable care thanks to high wall stability.

More about mediven 550 SL toe cap

Toe caps are available for the following medi flat knit products

What’s more:
All toe caps are available in the standard colours and the latest trend colours.

All colours at a glance.

Further features for flat knit compression stockings:
for example, individual additions in the foot area with Hallux relief zone or with bunionette relief zone.

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