Pads and linings

Solutions for increased comfort

Pads and linings: Solutions for optimum pressure distribution and increased comfort

Various pressure pads and inserts for compression stockings for targeted pressure distribution and pressure increase

Integrated pads or lymph pads and sewn-in linings can optimise the effectiveness and user comfort. Pad areas of application:

  • Loosens fibrosis
  • Partial increase of pressure in the oedema area
  • Better pressure distribution

As a leading manufacturer, medi offers a wide variety of flat knit garments. These have been developed over many years – perfectly designed for the needs of oedema patients. You can see selected examples of variants and possible applications here. Your medical supply store will be happy to advise on further options.

Individually cut or prefabricated pads

Lymph pads as well as prefabricated pads can be incorporated into all flat knit mediven compression stockings. If the medical supply store has suitable materials, these can also be incorporated into the compression stockings.

Examples of medi prefabricated pads:

medi lymph pads ribbed and napped for selective compression reinforcement

These lymph pads can be individually cut to size. The following versions are available:

  • Ribbed lymph pad: Lymphoedema in the leg (Standard) and arm
  • Finely napped lymph pad: Lymphoedema in the arm (Standard) and leg
  • Coarsely napped lymph pad: Lipoedema (for thigh)

The napped pads made of synthetic latex (free of CFCs, PCP, nitrosamines, azo dyes and fillers) are very thin so they don't show through the compression stocking.

Pads: individually placed or firmly integrated

Individual and standardised pads can also be inserted into an incorporated pocket. This way they stay exactly in the specified place. If necessary, they can be removed.

Linings for more user comfort

The adjustment and composition of the medical compression stockings is based on the patient's individual needs. Consult your specialist medical retailer with confidence. They will be happy to advise.