Knee supports

medi knee supports provide support for various knee problems, including joint diseases and injuries. In addition, they can be worn during sports.

Knee supports from medi

Knee supports: Support for knee problems

Knee supports are aids for soft tissue compression.  medi offers a wide range of high-quality supports for indication-based knee treatment. The success of therapy and patient compliance are always prioritised. 

Supports for the knee from medi: Strain relief and stabilisation for the knee joint

Anyone who suffers from instability in the knee joint, patella tip syndrome, joint effusion, swelling, irritation, gonarthrosis, arthritis or pain in the knee (to name a few examples) should share this information with their attending physician. The latter will decide on the use of a knee support and, if necessary, issue a prescription. 

The compressive knit of the medi knee supports can improve proprioception (self-perception). This promotes the body's own guidance and stabilisation of the joint.  

Knee supports facilitate the reduction of swelling (oedema, haematoma) through the integrated 3D silicone pad. Due to the open edging of the patella silicone ring, they also provide a noticeably lower amount of pressure on the kneecap.  

Thanks to breathable and skin-friendly materials, users of medi knee supports experience great wearing comfort: The Comfort Zone with a ribbed structure and a diamond centre in the back of the knee offers a pleasant wearing comfort.  

medi knee supports are easy to put on and stay securely on the leg thanks to the slip-stop system.

Did you know that medi also offers a high-quality carbon foot orthosis for patients with gonarthrosis? With its slotted carbon, the igli OA foot orthosis supports the preservation of flexibility under load in the longitudinal arch. You can find more information about igli OA foot orthotics here.