igli OA lila Bodenansichtigli OA lila Bodenansicht
igli Einlagen Gonarthroseigli Einlagen Gonarthrose
igli OA lila Bodenansichtigli OA lila Bodenansicht

igli® OA

High-quality carbon insole for patients with gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the knee)
  • split carbon to retain flexibility
  • dynamic carbon chassis along the whole foot
  • Extra stability due to stiffening in the heel region
Product variety
Material components
Hydrofresh, embossed, platinum
Top Form, white
Retrocapital pad
THK Metallic, grey
EVA, lilac (approx. 40°, Shore A)
Prescribed by a doctor
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igli OA: insoles for gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the knee)

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With its split carbon, the igli OA insole helps retain flexibility when loading the longitudinal arch.

The dynamic forefoot of the insole also ensures flexibility. The heel has been stiffened to provide good stability and guidance of the heel, which allows specific corrections to be made using the wide postings. The carbon bar that extends to the forefoot also makes it possible to attach postings from the heel up to the tip of the toe. By redirecting the forces, the igli OA with postings can reduce the pressure in the knee joint.

The igli OA insole is suitable for everyday, sports and comfortable shoes for patients with gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the knee) (patients with a degenerative condition of the knee joint). In addition to the insole, specific therapy-accompanying exercises can contribute to successful treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. The enclosed Theraband is provided for this purpose.

Product features
  • Stable heel with reinforcement for ideal guidance of the hindfoot in a moderate-height shell.
  • Slits in the carbon clip preserve flexibility when load is exerted on the longitudinal arch.
  • The carbon clip is flexible to ensure that the foot remains mobile.
  • Postings that cover a greater area for more coverage and targeted correction.
  • Slight stiffness of carbon clip extends to the forefoot for ideal guidance of the gait line and attachment of postings.
  • Reduces the pressure in the knee joint by redirecting the forces.
Intended purpose

The orthotic blank is handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made orthotic. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication.

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Metatarsalgia
Absolute Contraindications
  • Diabetes Neuropathies
  • Severe foot deformity
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