Golfing can be a cause for elbow pain

Elbow pain

Bending, stretching and rotating the forearm puts the elbow under heavy strain. That’s why elbow pain is a major problem in everyday life. As the elbow joint is made up of three partial joints, the origin of pain within the joint depends on the cause. Elbow pain can be either acute or chronic. Learn more about the causes here.


Structure of the joint: How and where does elbow joint pain occur?

The forearm bones (ulna and radius) and the upper arm bones (humerus) are each connected by a partial joint in the elbow joint. The causes of elbow pain can differ, depending on the affected area: Learn about the fascinating anatomy of the elbow.

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Elbow pain due to tennis elbow

Pain in the elbow on the inner and outer side

If the pain is felt on the outside or inside of the elbow joint, this could indicate tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, for example. This is an irritation of the tendon insertions. With tennis elbow, the pain is more pronounced on the outside; with golfer’s elbow on the inside. Find out what you can do about it and discover suitable therapy-accompanying exercises.

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Elbow dislocation and instabilities

Pain due to elbow dislocation: When the joint dislocates

Falling can, for example, result in elbow dislocation. A dislocated elbow joint affects the surrounding ligaments and the capsular ligament apparatus, resulting in acute pain. Therapy can be either conservative or surgical, depending on the extent of the injury. Instabilities often remain following elbow joint dislocation. Find out how you can help improve stability with therapy-accompanying exercises.

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Which doctors treat elbow pain?

Your family doctor is generally your first point of contact. They can refer you to a specialist for the musculoskeletal system: an orthopaedist.

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To treat elbow pain, doctor and patient can choose from a range of orthoses and supports.

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