Elbow supports

Elbow supports can relieve pain, reduce swelling and stabilise the joint

Elbow supports from medi

Mobile with elbow supports: Gently relieve and support the elbow joint

medi's elbow supports enable a relieving posture of the arm and promote the healing process after an injury. Integrated massage pads and the compressive knitted fabric support the healing process. Due to the webbing, the support can be individually adapted to the arm. The special knitting and the closure shape in the bending area allow a comfortable fit. 

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe an elbow support. 

When are elbow supports used?

Pain in the elbow can arise for a wide variety of different reasons. The elbow connects the upper and forearm into one joint, which we can bend, straighten and rotate. The elbow is put under strain daily – by all types of simple or demanding movements such as writing, sports or heavy lifting. This burden increases even more when sports activities are added to the mix. The most well-known is the colloquial "tennis elbow", a disease of the tendon attachment tissue, which athletes often suffer as well as craftsmen or musicians. An elbow support can also be used for inflammation of the joint caused by arthrosis.