Travel stockings

Travel stockings are an essential part of every travel list, as they can reduce the risk of traveller’s thrombosis and swelling of the legs. Click here to find out more about travel stockings by medi.

Travel socks from medi

Whether travelling by plane, train or automobile: wear compression stockings to relieve the strain on your legs during journeys

Even people with a healthy venous system can suffer from travel thrombosis. Sitting for long periods in cramped conditions when travelling can result in heavy legs and swollen ankles. Your blood circulation slows down. The dry air and low air pressure in aeroplanes put additional strain on your body, resulting in swollen and tired legs.  

To relieve the strain on your legs when travelling, medi has developed special travel compression stockings that exert targeted compression and support your natural blood circulation. Studies show that compression stockings with graduated pressure distribution (such as medi travel®) can reduce the risk of traveller’s thrombosis.1 Your legs feel light and relaxed even after you have been sitting for a long time.  

Where can you buy travel stockings?

medi travel® travel stockings for men and women are available without prescription from medical supply stores. 

Also ideal for travelling: You can find more knee stockings and tights for light legs when travelling in the travel collection in the ITEM m6 online shop. The ITEM m6 fashion products incorporate medi's many years of experience in the field of compression.


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