Lymphatic therapist

Therapist for the treatment of oedema

Lymphatic therapist: Therapist for the treatment of oedema

What is a lymphatic therapist?

Lymphatic therapists, also known as oedema therapists, are trained physiotherapists or medical masseurs with an additional qualification in the field of complex decongestive therapy (CDT). This therapy focuses on manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) followed by medical compression therapy for oedema.

What does a lymphatic therapist do?

Lymphatic therapists perform manual lymphatic drainage as prescribed by your doctor. This very gentle type of massage uses special manipulation techniques to stimulate the absorption of accumulated fluid from the tissues into the lymphatic system. To ensure that the results of the manual lymphatic drainage are maintained, therapists usually wrap a lymphological compression bandage around the affected arm or leg afterwards. If the arms or legs are already well decongested, therapy outcomes are ensured with a flat knit medical compression stocking. This is fitted at a medical retailer.

Swellings have many causes, such as

The aim of the lymphatic therapy treatment depends on the cause. The focus is always on relieving congestion in the affected tissue. In addition, tissue adhesions of clumped proteins can be broken up in therapy and pain can be reduced.


Health personnel will make the diagnosis and can prescribe compression stockings, e.g. from medi if necessary.

Your medical retailer will fit them individually for you.