Ankle supports

The medi ankle orthoses immobilise the ankle, support the joint, and provide post-operative and pain relief.

Ankle supports from medi

Comfortable and effective – therapy with ankle orthoses

Targeted, safe support for the injured ankle joint: medi Ankle orthoses relieve discomfort for various indications, for example, in the case of a sprain, an ankle fracture or pain on the tendons and ligaments. The splints calm the injured joint and relieve pain and swelling. medi's ankle splints also support the joint in the event of chronic instability and relieve pain after operations.

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi ankle orthosis.

Ankle splint: Protection, stability and increased mobility

There are many opportunities for injury in the course of everyday life or sports activities. Ruptures of ligaments or fractures on the ankle joint are especially common. Stabilising elements on the inside of the ankle ensure a secure footing. Depending on the model, they are also used in the mobilisation phase and get the joint accustomed to more freedom of movement again.