Lower leg-foot orthoses

Lower leg-foot orthoses are the most modern and comfortable alternative to the classic plaster cast. Today, many injuries, dislocations or fractures on the lower leg or foot can be treated with an orthosis.

Ankle foot supports from medi

Lower leg-foot orthoses from medi: Robust protection for the injured foot

Depending on the clinical situation, orthoses immobilise the lower leg and at the same time gradually contribute to mobilisation. They support the recovery process, for example, in the case of an injury to the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendon rupture) or in the post-treatment of a fracture. medi's lower leg-foot orthoses can stabilise sprained joints or protect against bending, for example in the event of a ligament tear.

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi ankle/foot orthosis.

Orthosis instead of plaster cast: Comfort of use thanks to independent donning and removal of the orthosis

A cast remains on the leg for several weeks without the foot being examined by the doctor or cleaned by the wearer. The innovative lower leg-foot orthoses from medi make both of these actions possible: They are easy and quick to take off and put back on. The doctor can easily inspect the affected region. Personal hygiene is also very simple: If there is no fresh surgical suture, showers and baths are possible at any time during the course of therapy.