Compression stockings with zip or Velcro

Refinements for an individual design

Compression stockings with zip or Velcro

Various fasteners for compression stockings: Velcro and zip fastener

In the arm and leg zones, for example, zips and Velcro fasteners can be incorporated into flat knit compression products individually and as required: for example, for oedema patients with severe circumferential differences or fresh scars. On this page, we present to you some examples of fastener variations.


Zips can be incorporated at various positions of the fitting – both in the arm and leg zones. Depending on the individual patient's needs, the specialist at your medical supply store will advise you on the advantages of the various options.

Available for:

Hook and eye: Underlay of the zip

For even greater comfort, hook-and-eye tape under the zip is a suitable option. The hook-and-eye tapes work as an aid when closing the zip, so that the skin is not pinched when closing.

Note: Lined zips are always incorporated on a patient-specific basis.


Velcro fasteners can be integrated in different lengths. The individual positioning of a Velcro fastener depends on the patient's needs. The Velcro fastener is an alternative to the zip fastener. Let the specialist at your medical supply store advise you on this.