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mediven® 550 leg

Strong. Greatest wall stability. Reliable hold.

  • Highest wall stability
  • High working pressure
  • Firm, strong fabric

 Medical specifications

Strong wall stability and no end of variety.

The mediven 550 is our flat knit material with the highest wall stability. The firm and strong knit fabric offers a high working pressure and a reliable hold. It is therefore suitable for chronic lymphoedema. Available in a wide variety of colours and patterns as well as special knitting techniques to ensure many possibilities and wearing comfort.

  • Prescribed by a doctor
  • This is supported by your health insurance


Product benefits

  • Highest working pressure

  • Over 5,600 possible combinations with special extras such as flexure functional zone, hallux ease zone an gluteal shaper

  • Numerous variants, e.g. leg segments for double and multi-part garments

  • Fashionable variety: 4 standard colours, 9 trend colours and 3 unique design elements

  • Fashion-Elements: unique two-toned stockings with 4 new patterns, 4 new colour combinations and 16 possibilities


Standard colours

Trend colours


  • Capri shorts
  • Cycling shorts
  • Leggings
  • Made-to-measure

Material components

CCL 1:
23% elastane, 77% polyamide

CCL 2:
25% elastane, 75% polyamide

CCL 3:
28% elastane, 72% polyamide

CCL 4:
32% elastane, 68% polyamide


Only made-to-measure


Plain-coloured (without pattern) 
Standard and trend colours 

Plain-coloured, patterned (design element) 
Patterns: Ribs, Stars and Pyramids in all standard and trend colours 

Two-toned, patterned (fashion element) 
Patterns: Animal, Ornaments and Crosses in the colours Berry, Grey, Lilac and pink

Sock (AB)
Below-knee stocking short (AD), 34 – 38 cm
Thigh-length stocking (AF)
Upper thigh-length stocking (AG)
Pantyhose (AT)
Men's leotard (AT/H)
Maternity pantyhose (AT/U)
Cycling shorts (ET, ET/H,FT,FT/H)
Capri shorts (B1T,B1T/H,CT,CT/H)
Leggings (BT,BT/H)
One-legged pantyhose (ATE,ATE/H)

Medical specifications


  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Lipoedema stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Severe phlebological conditions with a tendency to develop oedema
  • Keloid treatment, e. g. after burns
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic oedema
  • Mixed forms such as phlebolymphoedema, lipolymphoedema

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Simply beautiful with mediven® – diverse. colourful. functional.

mediven® 550 – patient story Caroline Sprott

mediven® 550 – patient story Isa-Bella Leclair

mediven 550 leg – Gluteal shaper

mediven 550 leg – Hallux ease

Donning a medical compression stocking with a toe



Flat knit range

Flat knit range

Colours and patterns for treating oedema

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