mediven® 550 SL toe cap

Strong. High wall stability. Seamless.
  • Seamless
  • High wall stability
  • Very easy to put on
Product variety
Standard colours
medi Magenta
Trend colours
Chestnut (available until 30.08.2024)
Raspberry-red (available until 30.08.2024)
Sage green
Compression classes
CCL 1:
9% elastane, 91% polyamide
CCL 2:
15% elastane, 85% polyamide
CCL 3:
26% elastane, 74% polyamide

mediven® 550 SL – seamless toe caps for lymphoedema patients

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The mediven 550 SL toe cap provides proven quality with innovative knitting technology. It offers comfort to lymphoedema patients, right to the tips of their toes. It is used within the scope of treatment with medical flat knit compression stockings in cases where the dorsum of the foot and the toes (positive Stemmer’s sign) are affected by lymphoedema.  

For optimal care, a toe cap is recommended.1 The mediven 550 SL toe cap is available in the following variants:  

  • Toe cap closed 
  • Toe cap open 
  • Toe cap closed, with little toe left exposed 
  • Toe cap open, with little toe left exposed 

In order to achieve the optimal fit and effect, each toe is custom made. The mediven 550 SL has no seams on the toes or forefoot. It thus enables reliable care with maximum comfort and a high level of wall stability.  

The mediven 550 SL toe cap is available in three compression classes (1, 2, 3) and in all standard and trend colours. With its elegant appearance and comfortable material, it integrates seamlessly into the patient’s everyday life. It also scores points on account of being easy to pull on and for its odour-inhibiting Clima Fresh function.  

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Product features
  • Seamless made-to-measure designed for maximum wearing comfort
  • Very comfortable and easy to put on
  • Each single toe made-to-measure for optimal fit
  • The integrated Clima Fresh function has an odour-inhibiting effect
Intended purpose

Flat-knitted medical compression garment used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the lymphatic system.

  • Patients with lymphoedema in the toes (Stemmer positive) and on the dorsum of the foot
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1 Schingale F.-J. (2003). Lymphödeme, Lipödeme – Diagnose und Therapie – Ein Ratgeber für Betroffene. (2. Auflage). Hannover: Schlütersche Verlag