mediven active®

Sporty compression socks for men

  • Seam you can´t feel at the toe
  • Discreet ribbed look and robust material
  • Incredibly soft with its sporty comfort sole

 Medical specifications

The hard wearing compression sock for men

mediven active is made using a special knitting technique. Therefore the sock has a seam at the toes that you can‘t feel. In addition, a super soft comfort sole and a strong heel are other convincing features – and every sock fits like a second skin. The fact that mediven active is unrecognisable as a compression sock, thanks to the special fine ribbed design, makes it even more desirable.


Product benefits

  • Very soft and supple material for particularly easy donning and doffing

  • Cares for and protects the skin thanks to the lanolin*

  • Optimum comfort in wear and high breathability

  • Perfect fit thanks to elastic and hard-wearing comfort gusset

  • New shaping comfort


Standard colours


  • Below-knee stocking

Material components

CCL 1:
10% elastane, 90% polyamide

CCL 2:
11% elastane, 89% polyamide

Washing instructions

Wash stockings separately or together with similar coloured fabrics. Do not use bleaching agents or softeners – please use detergents for woollens. Rinse stockings several times afterwards!

After washing please hang your stocking up to dry or spin dry immediately – using the delicate wash setting. Do not leave lying moist on or in a towel. Do not leave to dry on heaters or in direct sunlight.

medi stockings are not to be cleaned chemically, either with spot removers or using benzene.





Below-knee stocking standard (AD), 43 – 49 cm
Below-knee stocking short (AD), 37 – 42 cm

Medical specifications


  • Primary or secondary varicosis
  • Chronic venous disorders: C0s to C4 according to CEAP
  • Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
  • Thrombophlebitis (superficial) or condition after healed phlebitis
  • Deep venous thrombosis, condition after thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome

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mediven for men and mediven active

Medical compression garments

A hard-wearing sock for the active men

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