Donning and doffing aids for compression stockings

mediven compression stockings fit like a second skin. The medi Butler is one option available for making it easier to pull hosiery onto your arms and legs and remove it again. These aids make things significantly easier for everyone, including people with mobility restrictions.

Donning and doffing aids for compression stockings

Donning aids and doffing aids make it easier to handle compression stockings

To ensure that a compression stocking achieves its full effect, it must fit perfectly. medi offers various aids which make things easier when pulling hosiery on and taking it off again.

Donning aid for compression tights

Donning aids by medi are available in various designs. Both large and small individuals will find the right model for them. What’s more: Donning aids are available not just for compression stockings but for compression tights as well. The Butler has two entry points and provides ideal support for pulling on compression tights.

In our step-by-step instructions and videos, we show you how to pull on your compression stockings using the donning aids.

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