medi Pantyhose Butler

Donning aid for compression hosiery

  • simplifies donning of compression pantyhose
  • especially for pantyhose
  • also suitable for people with restricted mobility

  Medical specifications

The clever donning aid for compression pantyhose

As a donning aid for compression pantyhose, the medi Pantyhose Butler especially simplifies donning of compression pantyhose, i.e. pantyhose with compressive knitted fabric. But it is also suitable for all other stocking lengths and models.

Due to its simple handling, this donning aid for compression hosiery also supports patients with restricted mobility: the medi Pantyhose Butler has two practical stirrups, over which each leg of the pantyhose can be pulled and pre-stretched. This procedure protects the knitted fabric and makes it possible to put on the compression pantyhose without additional energy expenditure. For the patient, this means relief in everyday life.


Product benefits

  • For mobile and immobile patients
  • For all stocking lengths and models
  • Also ideal as an aid for nursing staff
  • Stable, robust and extremely simple to use
  • For maximum safety when putting on stockings

Intended purpose

Donning aids for medical/clinical compression socks and stockings.


Standard colours


48 cm handle length

Medical specifications


There are many conditions that affect a patients’ ability to apply their own compression hosiery. These may include:

  • Inflammatory or degenerative joint diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Malformations
  • Injuries and amputations
  • Compression hosiery donning aid with longer handles are recommended for additional reach, particularly in patients with: 
  • Pronounced stiffness of the spine, hips or knees.
  • Morbid obesity
  • Deformities of the hand, particularly if the grip is affected
  • Deformities of the hand, particularly if the grip is affected

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