medi Butler Off Frau Sofa

medi Butler Off

Doffing aid for stockings and socks

  • Simple and easy to use
  • No need to bend down
  • Saves your energy
  • For left and right-handed people
  • Can be used as a shoehorn

Taking off stockings and socks in seconds

medi Butler Off – doffing aid for
stockings and socks: medi Butler Off makes it easier to take off all types of stockings and socks. This handy aid for everyday life is incredibly  comfortable and easy to use. The stable plastic handle fits in  your hand easily and enables you to guide your movements precisely. The grooving enables you to get a secure hold on the cuff of the stocking or sock and gradually push it down. The handy aluminum rod acts as an extension of your arm and enables you to pull the stocking or sock off without bending down.


Product benefits

  • For all stockings and socks

  • Stable, robust and extremely easy to use


Standard colours


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