medi Butler Off Frau Sofa

medi Butler Off

Doffing aid for stockings and socks

  • Simple and practical
  • No bending
  • Energy-saving

  Medical specifications

medi Butler Off: take stockings and socks off in seconds

The medi Butler Off makes it easier to take off stockings, socks and compression stockings – comfortably and with a minimum of effort: with the doffing aid, the cuff of the stocking or sock is held securely and pushed down step-by-step. The stable aluminium rod serves as an "extension" of the arm – so the user does not have to bend down to take the stocking off. The plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand. The medi Butler Off is suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Watch how to take your stockings or socks off with the medi Butler Off.


Product benefits

  • For all stockings and socks
  • Stable, robust and extremely easy to use


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Medical specifications

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