medi 2in1

Donning and doffing aid for compression stockings

  • Suitable for all compression stockings
  • Quick donning and doffing without effort
  • Space-saving and always at hand, also on journeys

  Medical specifications

medi 2in1: the compact donning and doffing aid for compression stockings

medi 2in1 is a donning and a doffing aid in one: it facilitates an effortless donning and doffing of compression garments. The slider sock is suitable for all compression stockings with open or closed toes. Thanks to the hard-wearing and foldable material, the donning aid medi 2in1 saves space, for example, on journeys.

Furthermore, donning and doffing with the 2in1 also relieves stress on the knitted fabric of the compression stocking. The medi 2in1-instructions show the correct use.


Product benefits

  • Your compression stocking glides over your heel almost by itself
  • For mobile people who wear compression stockings
  • For all stocking lengths
  • For open and closed toes
  • Hard wearing and tear resistant
  • Very light and folds away small
  • Extremely easy to use, without any great effort

Intended purpose

Donning and doffing aids for medical/clinical compression socks and stockings.


Standard colours

Medical specifications


There are many conditions that affect a patients’ ability to apply their own compression hosiery. These may include:

  • Inflammatory or degenerative joint diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Malformations
  • Injuries and amputations
  • Deformities of the hand, particularly if the grip is affected

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