How to put on medical compression stockings with a donning aid

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FAQ Donning & doffing compression garments with donning aids

How can I don my compression stockings more easily? Are there instructions and donning aids for stockings?

To ensure maximum therapeutic success, it is important that you wear compression stockings every day. Not only is the perfect fit essential: In order for the stocking to fit exactly, you must put it on correctly.

Donning aids: Various designs for arm- and leg stockings

Some patients experience limited mobility or lack the strength to pull the stockings over their heel. With a donning aid, you can put on your stockings independently, more easily and quickly. There are different types of arm and leg stockings available for vein, lip and lymphoedema therapies.

General tips:

  • Don your stockings first thing in the morning.
  • Use rubber gloves, such as those from medi.
  • Smooth fingernails that are filed to rounded edges prevent the stocking material from being damaged.
  • Put protruding rings on your fingers only after donning the stockings.
  • Manicured, smooth heels and toenails prevent the stocking material from being damaged.
  • Avoid wrinkling and overstretching the material by distributing the fabric evenly across the leg.
  • Do not don your medical stockings just by pulling the fabric upwards in one go, but pull it and spread it out in stages.
  • Avoid pulling up the compression fitting too high by ensuring that the stockings fit correctly: Knee stockings up to two centimetres under the hollow of the knee / thigh stockings up to two centimetres under the fold of the buttocks.

Your local medical supply store will be happy to show you how to don your compression stockings correctly and easily. 

Can I get a stocking donning aid on prescription?

For many medical conditions (e.g. paralysis, obesity, joint diseases) or in cases of limited mobility – for example in pregnancy – the doctor may prescribe the donning aids if necessary.

medi donning aids

medi doffing aids

Instruction videos for the use of the medi donning and doffing aids

Knowing the right way: Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings is much easier with donning and doffing aids. You can see how this works in our videos for the respective products.