Swimming with compression stockings

After swimming: Rinse the stockings with clean water


Swimming with compression stockings

Should I leave my medical compression stockings on for swimming?

Water has a compressive effect – the deeper you go in the water, the higher the pressure on your legs. The water pressure and muscle activity generated by movement in the water have a positive effect on venous circulation and promote lymph drainage. Please consult your doctor about this.

Does swimming in compression stockings damage them?

Swimming with compression stockings sounds unusual. But it’s possible! If you don't want to take off your medical compression stockings to go in the swimming pool or in the sea, you can wear them in the water. However, you still need to take your support on and off: it is important to rinse the stockings with clear tap water immediately after swimming. This ensures that no chlorine or salt-water residue remains in the fabric.

Please note: we cannot guarantee that the compression thread will not be completely undamaged by chlorine or salt water.

Does swimming in compression stockings damage them?

How long can I leave my compression stockings off after swimming?

As soon as you leave the water, you should put on your medical compression stockings again – at the very latest, when your swimming trip is over. However, patients suffering from venous oedema, lipoedema or lymphoedema are advised against going a full summer's day without wearing medical compression stockings: Heat dilates the vessels, increasing the tendency to swell. Therefore, wearing medical compression stockings is even more important on warm days.

medi tip: medi fresh provides the freshness kick in between washes – simply spray directly onto the stocking.

Can I leave my compression stockings to dry in the sun?

Although it might seem sensible to put wet compression stockings in the sun after swimming: don’t do it! Heat and UV rays can damage the material. Take a dry hand towel, place the stockings inside and press out the water into the hand towel. Then your compression stockings will dry quickly, even in the shade.

Can I shower with medical compression stockings?

In principle, you can leave your medical compression stockings on when you shower. For example, when you take a cool shower in the summer. Nevertheless, it is advisable to remove the stockings beforehand to clean the skin thoroughly.

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