Medical compression stockings: frequently asked questions

Compression stockings for everyday use: we provide guidance on care, effectiveness, daily wear and stocking care. These tips and suggestions will help you get the most out of your medical compression stockings.

FAQ: Medical compression stockings

Use and care of medical compression stockings

Your doctor has prescribed you medical compression stockings. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers. The following pages will give you comprehensive advice and support in using medical compression stockings. If the following information does not answer your question, our Consumer Service will be happy to help and advise you.

How do medical compression stockings work?

Medical compression stockings work through the precisely defined pressure distribution on the leg: the compression is strongest at the ankle and then decreases towards the top. Learn more here.

How long should I wear my compression stockings during the day and how often?

For the best therapy success, please wear and wash your medical compression stockings daily. Learn more here.

What exactly is the difference between support stockings and medical compression stockings?

If you ask the general public, medical compression stockings are often and incorrectly called elastic stockings or support stockings. Support stockings and compression stockings are two different products which are clearly distinguished from each other. Learn more here.

How much do compression stockings cost?

Your doctor can prescribe you medical compression stockings if you need them. However, as a patient, you will have to pay part of the costs yourself. Learn more here

How many times per year do I get medical compression stockings on prescription?

In general, the statutory health insurance funds reimburse two fittings per year. They cover a large part of the costs. If you wear and wash them every day, the compression pressure will slowly decrease. Find out more here.

What does the classification into compression classes mean with regard to compression stockings?

The compression classes define how the pressure on the respective region of the body is when wearing compression stockings. Your doctor will know which of the four compression classes is right for you. More on the compression classes

Where can I buy medical compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings are usually prescribed by a doctor and are available as medical aids – unlike support stockings – from specialist medical retailers. Learn more here

Are there tricks for donning support and compression stockings without a donning aid?

There is a special technique for donning compression stockings (arm sleeves, support stockings, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings) quickly and correctly. Learn more here

Can holes or runs in medical compression stockings be repaired?

Medical compression stockings are medical aids. They are subject to legal requirements. In principle, repairs are possible to a certain extent. Learn more here

What should I do if compression stockings do not fit as expected?

If you have problems with support and fit, please contact the medical retailer where you bought the compression stockings. Learn more here

Why are precise measurements so important for correctly fitting medical compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings work by applying pressure – both for venous and for lymphatic and lipoedema conditions. That means they have to fit like a second skin. Therefore, it’s important that the stocking fits exactly. Learn more here

How do I take care of my compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings are part of your everyday life as well as part of therapy. There’s a lot you can do to ensure that your stockings remain undamaged and fully effective until they are replaced in six months’ time. Learn more here

What helps against sweating when wearing medical compression stockings on hot days?

Modern compression stockings are breathable. The Clima Comfort technology in medi compression stockings prevents heat build-up under the stocking. Learn more here

Can I go swimming with compression stockings?

When absolutely necessary, our mediven products can be worn in the swimming pool or in the sea. It is very important that you rinse the stockings immediately after swimming. Learn more here

Why are there both round know and flat knit compression stockings available?

Different clinical pictures require different material properties. Flat knot stockings, for example, have greater wall stability than round knit medical compression stockings. More on the differences between round and flat knit stockings.   

My topband rolls up, turns down and slides – what can I do?

If the topband of the compression stocking rolls up, this may be, among other things, because the topband is too small for the circumference of the thigh. Learn more here

For whom are mJ-1 fashion stockings suitable?

People who stand and sit for longer periods, for example, will benefit from mJ-1. They are only suitable for people without vein disease because mJ-1 stockings are not an alternative to medical compression stockings. Learn more here.

What is compression therapy with compression stockings good for?

Compression therapy with medical compression stockings is used for different forms of various clinical pictures and symptoms, for example for venous diseases or oedema. More on the use of compression therapy.

How does temperature compensation with organic cotton work in medical compression stockings?

The material composition of the mediven medical compression stocking allows it to cool in warm temperatures, and insulate in the cold. More on thermal regulation in medical compression stockings with organic cotton.  

What makes medical compression stockings with organic cotton so special?

Due to its fibre structure, organic cotton is particularly soft. As a result, the level of comfort offered by medical compression stockings with organic cotton is particularly high. More on the advantages of organic cotton.  

How do medical compression stockings with recycled polyamide feel?

Medical compression stockings made from recycled polyamide yarn have the same positive material properties as those made from traditional polyamide. The use of recycled polyamide is a measure intended to increase sustainability. More on compression stockings with recycled polyamide

What is the benefit of wearing medical compression stockings during pregnancy?

Among other things, pregnancy affects the blood composition and the leg veins. Medical compression stockings can offer relief from various complaints and reduce the risk of thrombosis during pregnancy. See all the important information about wearing medical compression stockings during pregnancy.