Measuring compression stockings

Care that is tailored to the patient as standard and made to measure

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Why are precise measurements so important for correctly fitting medical compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings work by applying pressure – both for venous- and for lymphatic- and lipoedema-conditions. That means they have to fit like a second skin. Therefore, impo it’srtant that the stocking fits exactly.

Depending on body shape and condition, predefined standard sizes are suitable which cover certain anatomical and frequently occurring proportions. The anatomy of some patients requires a made-to-measure product that is manufactured individually for each patient.

Medical compression stockings made to measure: When are made-to-measure products necessary?

Made-to-measure products are necessary for

  • indications that require a flat knit medical compression stocking, which is usually the case with lymphoedemas and lipoedemas,
  • very small or very large people,
  • unusual leg shapes (for example when the ratio of ankle circumference to calf circumference is rather large),
  • and different compression classes of both legs.

Which size is correct and how are medical compression stockings properly measured?

The size of medical compression stockings is always determined by the trained staff at specialist medical retailers. The circumferences of the arms and legs are determined manually at fixed measuring points and compared with a measurement chart or size chart. It’s best to take a measurement early in the morning when the limbs are not swollen or are decongested as well as possible.

How do I determine the exact stocking size for medical compression stockings using a measurement chart?

The measurement charts can be found under the “Details” tab on our product pages (e.g. mediven elegance).
The different lengths and variants are listed there. To produce a thigh-length stocking, the leg circumferences are measured at nine defined measuring points. To determine the correct size, the values are then compared with the size chart.

mediven elegance size chart