If the topband of your compression stockings rolls up and slips

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If the topband of your compression stockings rolls up and slips

My topband rolls up, turns down and slides – what can I do?

If the topband of the compression stocking rolls up, this may be, among other things, because the topband is too small for the circumference of the thigh. Perhaps the tension is too great and the topband does not fit. For standard sizes, it’s important to pay attention to the topband circumference “normal” or “wide”.

Tip: If the topband is uncomfortable, hair gets in the way, or it does not fit your particular body shape, we recommend a hip attachment or compression tights.

The skin under the topband is reddened, the marks are itchy and sometimes even painful. Do I have an allergy?

Skin irritations under the topband are often caused by reactions to your own sweat and mechanical friction on the skin. Lift the topband, and move it if necessary. Usually, this is already the solution. Please also make sure that the compression is evenly distributed on the skin so that it does not pull the topband downwards.

Tip: For sensitive skin, we recommend the Micro-nub Topband sensitive.

What is the best way to clean the topband?

In principle, please wear and wash your medical compression stockings daily. To ensure that your topband holds well, ideally also clean it with medi clean handwash, if necessary. For maximum support, we recommend the adhesive lotion medi fix. If you have any pressure marks, persistent irritation or deterioration, you should always consult your doctor for advice.

Are my compression stockings possibly too long or too short?

The length of compression stockings can in reality affect the fit of the topband. So, when putting them on, take particular care not to pull the stockings too far up towards the buttock area: The distance between the top and the bottom border should be at least two fingers wide. Otherwise, the buttock area will press against the edge of the topband. This edge may then curl over or fold over.

This video shows how to pull on your compression stockings correctly.

Are there different types of topbands?

Depending on the connective tissue, different types of topband are suitable. medi provides the appropriate topband for each patient. Learn more about our range of topbands, and ask your specialist retailer.