If compression stockings are too tight, cut in or slip

Maximum support and optimum fit for effective therapy with medical compression stockings 

If compression stockings are too tight, cut in or slip

What should I do if compression stockings do not fit as expected?

It may happen that medical compression stockings are too tight on the thigh, slip or pinch, form wrinkles or cut into the hollow of the knee or the crook of the arm. It may be the wrong size or length. Perhaps the type and material of the stocking have not been correctly adapted to your indication and important patient-specific factors have been disregarded.

If you have problems with support and fit, please contact the medical retailer where you bought the compression stockings. Return for a new measurement. Your consultant will also show you how to put on the compression stockings to ensure that they fit correctly.

In the case of flat knit stockings for oedema therapy, additions such as Y-sweeping, elliptical shape or oblique borders may be incorporated for improved user comfort.

You can find all information on problems with topbands here

Why do medical compression stockings have to fit so tightly?

Why do medical compression stockings have to fit so tightly?

Compression stockings should fit like a second skin: Their effect is created by the compression stocking exerting compression (with a defined pressure distribution) on the extremities. To maintain the effectiveness of the compression stockings, please have your measurements checked regularly by a specialist retailer. It’s important that, for example, changes in circumference due to weight gain or loss are included in the therapy.

My compression stockings cause pain. What can I do to prevent the stockings from pinching?

Please make sure that the stocking material is evenly distributed so that the topband is not pulled down. In addition, the even distribution prevents the elastic material from building up in the hollow of the knee. medi provides rubber gloves that make it easier to put on and distribute the stocking material.

Make sure that the border (e.g. topband or waistband) is positioned in the right place.

This video shows how to pull on your compression stockings correctly.

Wash your stockings daily, ideally with some medi clean handwash. For maximum support from your topbands, we recommend the adhesive lotion medi fix on the skin under the topband. medi also provides a wide range of different topbands with various silicone coatings. Your medical specialist retailer will also be happy to advise you on this.

When wearing compression stockings, balanced skin care is also important. This reduces the feeling of tightness and increases user comfort.

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