Hosiery care

Daily wear = daily washing. Compression stockings are subject to heavy use during therapy. They remain effective and continue to look good longer if they are cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, for example using medi hosiery care products.

Care products for medi compression garments

Caring for medi compression stockings

When worn every day, medi stockings must also be washed every day. As an alternative to using the washing machine, washing the compression stockings using medi handwash detergent is a quick and easy option. Smaller marks can also be treated with the medi spot ex stain liquid: This means that marks, such as marks from shoes on the heel or toe, can be removed before washing.

You can find information on the ingredients on the relevant product page.

  • medi laundry net

    For washing compression garments gently in the machine

  • medi spot ex
    medi spot ex

    Spot remover

  • medi clean Waschmittel
    medi clean

    Hand-wash detergent for every day

Good hosiery care protects the quality of the compression stockings

Despite daily washing, maintaining the effectiveness and look of compression stockings is really easy: Clean your hosiery in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Everything you need to know about the right hosiery care.

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