medi laundry net

For washing compression garments gently in the machine
  • Perfect protection for compression garments in the washing machine

Laundry net for the daily washing of medi's compression stockings in the machine

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Compression stockings must be washed every day: this way they stay clean and effective. However, the high-tech fabric is exposed to heavy wear and tear in the washing machine. To ensure that your compression stockings remain durable for a long time and effective and comfortable to wear, medi offers a laundry net: the stockings are simply placed in the net before washing. They are then protected against unnecessary friction against the drum or other pieces of laundry during the washing cycle. You can be sure your stockings will be clean, because the net allows dirt particles and detergent residues to be rinsed out.

Product features
  • Optimum help in caring for compression garments properly
  • The netting structure protects the knit from damage during the daily washing, but it does not hamper the rinsing out of dirt particles and detergent residues