How do I use the medi stocking donning aid to don my medical compression stockings?

Practical, light and space-saving

medi stocking donning aid

The medi stocking donning aid for mediven toeless compression stockings

To make your vein or oedema therapy easier, use the medi stocking donning aid with mediven toeless compression stockings.

Please also pay attention to the general notes for donning compression stockings.

Instruction video: Donning compression stockings with the medi stocking donning aid

medi stocking donning aid: Step by step instructions

1. Slip your foot into the medi donning aid enclosed.

2.Grip the leg, pull the compression stocking over the donning aid and stroke it upwards evenly.

3. Pull the stocking back from the tip in the direction of the heel until it is over the heel. Make sure that no wrinkles are formed. Now the medi donning aid can be easily removed.

4. Guide the forefoot part over the heel and foot again. Spread it out evenly to the tip of your toes. Make sure that the heel sits correctly.

Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings is much easier with donning and doffing aids.
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