The medi Hospitalbutler donning aid helps to prevent thrombosis in hospitals

Relief for carers in preventing thrombosis

medi Hospitalbutler donning aid

Fast and easy: Donning anti-thrombosis stockings in hospital

The medi Hospitalbutler is used in hospitals for example. The medi Hospitalbutler was developed and patented so that nursing staff can easily and comfortably don patients’ compression when the patients are lying down.

To reduce the risk of thrombosis, immobile patients wear clinical compression stockings, better known as white “hospital stockings”. To determine the size of the anti-thrombosis stockings, the nursing staff use the patient’s measurements and simply assign the size according to the predefined size system. The hospital stockings should not fit too loosely but also not be too constricting.

The medi Hospitalbutler is width-adjustable. The donning aid means that donning the stockings is easy, time-saving and economical for relatives or nursing staff.

medi Hospitalbutler, step by step instructions: How to use the medi Hospitalbutler correctly

1. By lifting the locking device, the width of the medi Hospitalbutlers can be adjusted to pass over the patient’s ankle and calf without touching them.

2. Gather the topband over the stirrup and pull the stocking up to the colour marking at the upper edge of the stirrup.

3. Push the medi Hospitalbutler over the ankle and, if possible, to below the knee of the patient. Then pull the medi Hospitalbutler off in a downwards direction again (away from the leg).

4. Pull the stocking up as far as the patient’s groin. The tension determines the length of the stocking.

Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings is much easier with donning and doffing aids.
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