How do I don my medical arm sleeve with the medi Arm Butler?

If the user only has one hand free

medi Arm Butler: Donning aid for medical arm sleeves

The donning aid makes it easier to don medical arm sleeves

As the sleeve is pulled over the arm, only one hand is free. That can make donning an arm sleeve correctly a challenge because: The material has to be placed correctly and stretched at the same time. Donning arm sleeves with the medi Arm Butler becomes much easier.

Please also pay attention to the general notes for donning compression stockings.

Instruction videos: How to don compression stockings correctly using the Medi Arm Butler

medi Arm Butler: Step by step instructions

1. Slip the arm sleeve over the semi-circular cylinder. Please ensure that the seam is not exactly in the middle, but slightly off to one side.

  • Arm sleeves for the right arm – seam off to the outside right (at about 4 o’clock)
  • Arm sleeves for the left arm – seam off to the outside left (at about 8 o’clock)

Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings is much easier with donning and doffing aids.
All medi donning aids at a glance.