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igli® Control

High-quality carbon insole for specific guidance of the foot
  • particularly soft material for additional relief
  • double stiffening with carbon and reinforced layers
  • Puzzle layers combine different material thicknesses
Product variety
Material components
Hydrofresh, embossed, platinum
Top Flex, turquoise
Top Form, magenta
Top Flex, turquoise
Top Soft
THK Metallic, grey
THK Metallic, grey
EVA, petrol (approx. 40° Shore A)
postings (approx. 42°, Shore A)
Prescribed by a doctor
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igli Control: insole for relief and extra stability

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The igli Control carbon insole, which is made of particularly soft material, provides for additional relief of the joints at the base of the toes (metatarsophalangeal joints). A carbon bar and the reinforced layers ensure double stiffening of the whole foot. The puzzle layer construction of the insole also combines materials with varying degrees of stiffness to create different relief zones: a feel-good zone for the foot!

igli Control guides the foot specifically during the entire rollover process, whereby the pressure is spread across the whole tread surface area. The insole supports the arch of the foot and provides individual correction of the position of the foot (for example, in cases of foot deformities). The insole influences the joint position and the body's posture. A specialist adapts the blank individually to the foot. The product is suitable for both everyday and sports shoes. The igli Control insole is also recommended for patients with midfoot pain (metatarsalgia).

Product features
  • Enables targeted guidance of the foot throughout the entire heel-toe gait.
  • Distributes pressure across the entire contact area of the foot.
  • Supports the arch and provides customised correction of foot position.
  • Influences joint positioning and posture.
Intended purpose

The orthotic blank is handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made orthotic. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication.

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Hallux rigidus
  • Pes cavus
  • Pes valgus
  • Fallen arches
  • Flat foot
  • Splay foot
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Patellar tendinitis
Absolute Contraindications
  • Diabetes Neuropathies
  • Severe foot deformity
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