circaid® Built-In-Pressure® system

Defined compression 
  • Unique system to set the required compression
  • Adjustable and measurable compression ranges
  • Re-adjustable at any time

Easy adjustment and control of the required compression range

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The unique circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) enables easy adjustment of the therapeutically correct compression range for circaid products. With the BPS control card, all bands of circaid compression garments can be set to the same compression range, ensuring a graduated compression profile, which is essential for an effective compression therapy. The defined compression range can be controlled during the day and easily readjusted if necessary. The permanent compression pressure leads to consistent compression therapy without pressure loss.

Product features
  • Enables simple setting of the correct compression range 
  • Compression pressure can be controlled and readjusted at any time - for constant compression therapy 
  • Easy handling by the user
  • BPS card is included within every circaid compression device
Using the circaid® Built-In-Pressure® System