Design and function interpreted anew

Fashion design graduate Fabienne Fischer

Fashion design graduate Fabienne Fischer incorporates compression tights from medi into her collection:

The fashion design graduate Fabienne Fischer struggled with heavy legs, especially when standing for long periods.

Her doctor diagnosed her with vein problems and prescribed her medical compression stockings, which she has worn ever since.

medi inspires aspiring fashion designer

medi inspires aspiring fashion designer

She completed her final project at the Hochschule Hannover, where she combined functional materials with unusual designs to create futuristic garments.

She also used medi compression stockings: “The compression function and versatility of the medi stockings inspired me so much that I just had to incorporate them into my collection”, enthuses Fabienne Fischer.

Fashion meets function: Durability and sustainability are the goal

Slow fashion is the opposite of mass consumption

The leitmotif that runs through Fabienne Fischer’s pieces is the motto of “slow fashion” - a term used for sustainable fashion. Unlike “mass consumption”, slow fashion pieces are with us for longer. Fabienne Fischer says the garments have a sustainable character.

It was important to Fabienne Fischer to use high quality, functional materials from manufacturers who also attached great importance to sustainability.

“medi products are made in Germany, and lots of the manufacturing processes are done by hand. This fits perfectly with my ideas about sustainability.”

medi and Fabienne Fischer
Lateral thinking about materials, intended use and design collection

We are children of the sky

For her collection, Fabienne Fischer designed mood boards and thought about what colours would be used. This is how she explains the title, “We are children of the sky”: “The sky looks different wherever you are in the world, yet somehow always the same. And even though it’s far away, it always surrounds us, regardless of where we are. The “children” represent the community character of fashion.

The collection isn’t just about me, it’s also about the people around me. “We are children of the sky” symbolises this connective element between people who all have the same origin.”

This is then followed by the choice of materials. Fabienne Fischer used robust fabrics that are also used in the production of parachutes, along with traditional fabrics with warm and stretchy properties, such as fleece, jersey and Coolmax®.

Fabienne works on her collection

Renowned mentor and examiner

Fashion designer, Prof. Martina Glomb

Prof. Martina Glomb was the first examiner. Fabienne Fischer discussed her work with her on a weekly basis.

Prof. Glomb worked for many years as head designer for fashion legend, Vivienne Westwood, in London. She knows the industry well, provides useful contacts for her students and helps them procure materials.

The college’s workshop management also actively supports students by showing them how fabrics are processed and how the materials work.

By developing her collection, Fabienne Fischer’s main goal is to confront people with fashion and its function, because clothes can do more than look good.

“Of course there are sceptics who questioned the design. That’s partly because the garments are very exaggerated”, reflects Fabienne Fischer on reactions to her collection.

But lots of people also said: “I can imagine wearing this!”

Especially when they touched the fabrics and found out more about the special functions to fully understand the concept.

Read more about Prof. Martina Glomb’s experiences with medi’s medical compression stockings here:

Interview with Prof. Martina Glomb

Modepreis Hannover (Hannover Fashion Award)

Compression meets Biotechnica: With Fabienne Fischer in Hannover

Fabienne Fischer presented her “We are children of the sky” fashion collection, made in collaboration with medi, at Biotechnica in Hannover (16th to 18th May).

The fashion design graduate showed fashionably designed, innovative medical compression products. In doing so, Fabienne Fischer would like to reach a young and active target group. The focus was on the demand for sportiness, well-being and health combined with fashionable, unique style.

Other aspects of the fashionable design included the compressive and protective function of the clothing, as well as the medical support of body dynamics and vitality.

Biotechnica in Hannover is Europe’s leading event for biotechnology, life sciences and laboratory technology, which has had an area devoted to labvolution since 2014.

Fabienne Fischer
Short profile

Fabienne Fischer

Fabienne Fischer studied fashion design at the Hochschule Hannover under renowned fashion designer, Prof. Martina Glomb. After spending time abroad in England and Sweden, she completed her degree in 2016 with her first collection, “We are children of the sky”.

In her final project she combined fashionable aesthetics and functional clothing materials under the motto of “fashion meets function”. She also used medi compression stockings.

Fashion in the medi World of Compression

Fashion in the medi World of Compression

The medi World of Compression stands for over 70 years of expertise in the field of compression. medi meets the highest standards of quality, innovation and design, and continually reinvents the beautiful side of compression.

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