Manumed active E⁺motion

Performance wrist support with stabilising rod
  • Merino fibres for improved thermal regulation
  • high flexibility: optimal fit for extreme movements
  • Extra stability for secure support during high-stress activity
Product variety
Standard colours
Green/Ocean Blue
Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
Polyamide, polyester, merino, elasthane

Manumed active E+motion support for stabilisation of the wrist

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Manumed active E+motion is a performance support for compression of the wrist. It is characterised by its improved thermoregulation in summer and winter thanks to the Merino fibres. It also offers high flexibility and an ideal fit, even during extreme movements. When playing sports with this wrist support, users achieve an effective and safe support of the joint despite high stresses.

The support can be used when the wrist needs to be supported by a strengthening or a pad, for example, for wrist injuries such as sprains, distorsions, Osteoarthrosis of the wrist, Tenosynovitis, Instability.

The support acts in many ways: Uniting compressive knitted fabric, a hand splint and an additional strap, Manumed active E+motion can contribute to stabilising, relieving and reducing pain in the joint. At the same time, the compressive knitted fabric limits swelling. Correct positioning of the strap and stress relief on the external knuckles can be done via optimized band strap opening. No cutting-in of the ends of the bandage thanks to the unique knitting technique (medi Soft Edge).

The combination of high-quality Merino and active fibres promises a pleasant comfort in wear. The material mix ensures optimised thermoregulation. The extra-large medi Comfort Zone also increases freedom of movement. The included donning aid makes the support easier to put on. The wrist support wins extra points in sports thanks to its flexibility.

Manumed active E+motion also convinces users with its anatomical fit, high elasticity and a sporty look. Thanks to the optimised Comfort Zone, also in the region of the thumb, the support moulds itself to the contours of the user's body. Furthermore, the optimally-sized and anatomically pre-moulded hand splint increases wearing comfort - both during daily life and sporting activities. The strap and a quartz pad relieve the wrist.

Product features
  • Particularly high stability and even more freedom of movement at the same time
  • Hand splint and strap with quartz pad for a high level of relief
  • Correct positioning of the strap and relief for the ulnar styloid thanks to optimised strap opening.
  • More freedom of movement thanks to extra large comfort zone
  • Optimal breathability thanks to active fibre
  • Improved thermo-regulation thanks to merino fibre
Intended purpose

Wrist compression bandages.

  • Wrist injuries, e.g. sprains, distortions
  • Irritative conditions (post-traumatic, post-operative, rheumatic)
  • Osteoarthrosis of the wrist
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Instability
  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)
  • Paralgesia and circulatory disorders of the forearm or hand (e.g. in the case of diabetes)
  • Lymph outflow disorders as well as unclear swellings of soft tissues outside the area of use
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Size table
circumference wrist (cm)hC13 - 1515 -1717 - 1919 - 21
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