Rhizomed® soft

Thumb splint
  • Effective stabilization
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Lightweight
Product variety
Standard colours
Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
Polyamide, PU, Polyester, Cotton

Splint for immobilisation of the thumb

The Rhizomed soft is a thumb orthosis. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the thumb area and only on intact skin.

Mode of action
  • Stabilisation of the thumb saddle joint and basal thumb joint.
  • Reduction of movement related pain due to stabilisation of the thumb joints.
Intended purpose

Thumb brace for immobilising the saddle joint and / or metacarpophalangeal joint.


All indications in which an immobilization of the basal- and saddle thumb joint is necessary, such as:

  • Rhizarthritis
  • Ligament injuries (ski thumb)
  • Irritations of the thumb joint
  • instable capsule/ ligament system which requires cast immobilisation
Size table
circumference wrist (cm)hC13 - 1718 - 23
article numberR.141.001R.141.002
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