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mediven® struva® 35

Clinical compression stocking with 35 mmHg

  • Non-slip fit thanks to silicone topband
  • Breathable and particularly soft
  • Latex-free

 Medical specifications

The economic, simple and safe clinical compression

A recent study (1) from 2018 confirms that the clinical compression stocking emdiven struva offers valuable benefits in therapy:
• Significantly improved health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in the following dimensions during the acute phase of therapy compared to multilayer short- stretch bandages (p = 0.015):
 - Mobility
 - Self-sufficiency
 - General activities
 - pain / physical complaints
 - fear / depression

• Economical: 40 percent savings in average weekly material costs compared to multilayer short-stretch compression bandaging
Conclusion of the authors: Compression hosiery is a relatively cheap, easy to use and safe alternative to multilayer bandaging in all patients. Therefore, both from both a patient perspective and an economic perspective, compression hosiery should be the preferred choice when initial compression is applied in unselected patients.

(1)  Amin E E et al. Clinical and economic impact of compression in the acute phase of deep vein thrombosis. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2018;16:1555–1563.


Product benefits

  • Precisely defined compression gradient for a high degree of medical effectiveness

  • Painful constrictions and window oedemas are reliably prevented

  • Safe, fast, and simple to use

  • High level of treatment compliance due to great wearing comfort and the latex-free as well as breathable material

  • Colour coded size system for quick and simple selection of the stocking size

  • Highly cost-effective due to multiple use

  • Suitable for thigh circumferences of up to 78 cm

Intended purpose

In mobile patients, the calf muscle pump is active. Therefore, they benefit from a clinical compression stocking with high working pressure. It increases the flow rate of the blood - especially in the mobile phases. This provides effective therapy for acute thrombosis, chronic wounds and resulting pain as well as postoperative and posttraumatic oedema. The mediven struva 35 is particularly suitable for more serious venous diseases.


Standard colours


  • Below-knee stocking
  • Upper thigh-length stocking

Material components

41% elastane, 59% polyamide




Below-knee stocking (AD)
Thigh-length stocking (AG)
Thigh-length stocking (AG) with waist attachment

Medical specifications


  • Postoperative short-term compression to promote venous return after venous surgery (ligatures, schlerotherapy, vein stripping, thrombolytiv therapy) as well as orthopaedic surgery
  • Ligamentous lesions of the talocrural joint
  • To prevent postoperative and posttraumatic oedema and haematoma
  • Compressive treatment of an acute thrombosis
  • Prophylaxis and therapy of venous ulcers in mobile patients

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