mediven® thrombexin® 21

Clinical compression stocking with 21 mmHg
  • Defined pressure gradient
  • Open toe
  • Secure hold thanks to the silicone topband
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
25% Elastane, 75% Polyamide
Upper thigh-length stocking

Physical thrombosis prophylaxis for partially mobile patients

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mediven® thrombexin® 21 is an anatomically knitted medical thrombosis prophylaxis stocking (MTPS). During the inpatient hospital stay, immobile and partially mobile patients have particular needs: inactivity causes the blood to flow more slowly to the heart. Therefore, there is an increased risk of a thrombosis and for the formation of postoperative and post-traumatic oedema. With 21 mmHg at the ankle region, the hospital stocking (colloquially also called thrombosis stocking) mediven® thrombexin® 21 is used for

  • Physical thrombosis prophylaxis in immobile patients / partially mobile patients – pre-, intra- and post-operative1, 2
  • Physical thrombosis prophylaxis in immobile patients with an increased risk of thrombosis (e.g. current venous disease, history of deep
  • vein thrombosis).3, 4
  • Prevention and therapy of post-traumatic and post-operative oedema and haematoma and for reduction of concomitant pain5, 6, 7

The mediven® thrombexin® 21 with the defined pressure gradient offers benefits for both patients and nursing staff: the silicone topband ensures a secure hold and the soft, breathable knitted fabric provides a pleasant wearing feeling. The simple handling of the product relieves the nursing staff and saves time, which, in turn, benefits the patients.

Product features
  • Anatomically knitted stocking with precise graduated pressure gradient for differentiated physical thrombosis prophylaxis
  • Open toe for improved hygiene and quick inspection of the circulatory situation
  • Optimum care thanks to silicone topband with size indicator
  • Instep area for an optimal fit and reduced formation of wrinkles when the foot is bent
  • Colour marking at the heel for easy and correct positioning
  • Colour coded size system for quick and simple selection of the correct stocking size
  • Suitable for thigh circumferences up to 90 cm


  • Correctly applied, the textile fabric avoids painful constrictions and window oedema 8
  • Simple handling and saving of time make things easier for nursing staff and improves patient care 7, 9
  • Increased compliance with its high elasticity and soft, skin friendly and active breathing knit 10
  • High efficiency and multiple usage 11
Intended purpose

Round knitted clinical compression stocking for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for prevention of diseases of the venous system.

  • Physical thrombosis prophylaxis in immobile / partially mobile patients - pre-, intra- and post-operative (1, 2)
  • Physical thrombosis prophylaxis in immobile patients with an increased risk of thrombosis (e.g. current venous disease, history of deep venous thrombosis) (3, 4)
  • Prevention and therapy of post-operative and post-traumatic oedema and haematoma and for reduction of concomitant pain (5, 6, 7)
  • Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease (if one of these parameters is present: ABPI < 0.5, ankle arterial pressure < 60 mmHg, toe pressure< 30 mmHg or TcPO2 < 20 mmHg on dorsum of foot)
  • Decompensated heart failure (NYHA III + IV)
  • Septic phlebitis
  • Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
  • Massive oedema of the leg

Particular attention to

  • Severe weeping dermatosis
  • Intolerance to compressive material
  • Severe paraesthesia in the limbs
  • Advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. as seen in diabetes mellitus)
  • Primary chronic polyarthritis
Size table
Circumference in cmMeasureSS-XMM-XLL-X
Thigh (AG)cB20 - 2220 - 2223 - 2523 - 2526 - 2826 - 28
cC30 - 4230 - 4234 - 4634 - 4637 - 5037 - 50
cD29 - 4129 - 4133 - 4533 - 4537 - 5037 - 50
cG48 - 6056 - 7056 - 7064 - 8064 - 8072 - 90
lG (AG)65 - 8965 - 8965 - 8965 - 8965 - 8965 - 89
Colour code heelgreengreenvioletvioletblueblue
Colour code thighgreengreyvioletgreybluegrey

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