Thromboseprophylaxe Krankenhaus Krankenschwester

mediven® struva® 23

Clinical compresion stocking with 23 mmHg

  • Non-slip fit thanks to silicone topband
  • Breathable and particularly soft
  • Latex-free

 Medical specifications

Clinical compression stocking with a wide range of care

Clinical compression stockings with moderate compression strength cover a wide range of indications that can be treated with just one product. Most deep vein thrombosis occur during or within 24 hours after surgery. Therefore, the preoperative use of clinical compression stockings is already common practive. In the context of early mobilisation compression stockings with a higher working pressure are needed. With a standardised moderate compression of 23 mmHg mediven struva is the efficient alternative to conventional compression bandaging if indicated.


Product benefits

  • Precisely defined compression gradient for a high degree of medical effectiveness

  • Painful constrictions and window oedemas are reliably prevented

  • Safe, fast and simple to use

  • High level of treatment compliance due to greater wearing comfort

  • Colour coded size system for quick and simple selection of the stocking size

  • Highly cost-effective due to multiple use

  • Wounds are easy to inspect and treat

  • Suitable for thigh circumferences of up to 78 cm

Intended purpose

The care of partially mobile patients places particular demands on clinical compression stockings. Compression stockings with moderate compression strength can cover this wide range in terms of indications and treatment goals. Studies show that stockings with moderate compression for short-term compression after vein surgery perform better than compression stockings with mild compression strength. Also with regards to changing requirements (thrombosis and posttraumatic oedema prophylaxis for immobility and subsequent partial mobility, e.g. in cesarean section), the moderate compression strength represents an overarching treatment.


Standard colours


  • Below-knee stocking
  • Upper thigh-length stocking

Material components

29% elastane, 71% polyamide




Below-knee stocking (AD)
Thigh-length stocking (AG)
Thigh-length stocking (AG) with waist attachment

Medical specifications


  • Prophylaxis of postoperative and posttraumatic oedema and haematoma
  • Therapy of postoperative and posttraumatic oedema as well as to reduce concomitant pain (e.g. during orthopaedic-surgical, gynaecological or vein-surgical interventions)
  • Pre-, intra- and postoperative thromboembolism prophylaxis of partially mobile patients
  • Therapy of venous leg ulcers of immobile and partially mobile patients

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