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Common questions about compression stockings for healthy veins

For whom are mJ-1 stockings suitable?

People who stand and sit for longer periods, for example, will benefit from mJ-1. The stockings are a combination of compression and international fashion trends and, therefore, offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. The stockings provide a pleasant and invigorating feeling in the legs. They are only suitable for people without vein disease because mJ-1 stockings are not an alternative to medical compression stockings.

Where can mJ-1 stockings be bought and how much do they cost?

You can buy mJ-1 products without a prescription from specialist medical retailers, for example in medical supply stores. According to the law, these are not classified as medical aids, meaning that health insurance companies do not pay for them. mj-1 stockings are available in several sizes, as well as different colours and designs. Please enquire about the prices at your local retailer.

How do I find the right size?

Find out more information about mJ-1 stockings, colours and measurement charts:

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