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Fashionable compression with mJ-1 by medi

mJ-1 by medi is a combination of compression and international fashion trends. 

Where do I buy mJ-1 compression garments and how do I take measurements?

  • Buying mJ-1

mJ-1 stockings are not an alternative to medical compression garments.
Since the mJ-1 stockings do not have a medical device number, the statutory health insurers do not reimburse the costs. You can buy mJ-1 products without a prescription from medical retailers. Please ask about the prices when you visit your medical retailer.

  • Measuring chart

Here is how to find the correct size for your mJ-1 compression garments.

  S  M  L  L+
Thigh circumference    46 - 54 cm  52 - 62 cm  56 -66 cm 
Ankle circumference 
  18 - 20 cm  20 - 23 cm  23 - 26 cm  26 - 29 cm
Leg length  Knee sock  Thigh-length stocking and pantyhose
L1  < 38 cm  < 72 cm
L2  > 38 cm  > 72 cm

Measure for:

mJ-1 knee socks:

  • Ankle circumference
  • Leg length below the back of the knee

mJ-1 thigh-length stockings and pantyhose:

  • Ankle circumference
  • Thigh circumference
  • Length of the thigh

No special models or made to measure garments possible.

Elastic foot up to shoe size 36-43 depending on the width of the foot or the width across the balls of the foot.