How and how often can lipomed be washed?

Care instructions

How and how often can lipomed be washed?

The washing and care instructions are printed on the lipomed label

lipomed can be washed at 40° in the washing machine, but the garment should not be bleached, ironed or dried in the clothes drier. The quality of lipomed enables it to be washed every day during the period of use (4 – 6 weeks).

  • Close the Velcro fastener before each wash, in order to retain its functionality and avoid damaging other laundry.
  • Allow it to dry in the air, but not in direct sunlight or on a radiator.
  • Excessively high temperatures can impair the elasticity of the material and thus the medical efficacy of lipomed.
  • In order to avoid longer periods without compression treatment, it is recommended to have two lipomed garments of the correct size, so you can wear one while the other is being washed.

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