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Comfort supports from medi

With the wide-ranging assortment of back supports, medi offers suitable solutions for many injuries.
All medi's supports convince wearers with their comfort in wear and clever features for easy handling.


The comfort supports from medi

Overview of all the comfort supports

Selecting supports according to the part of the body involved
  1. Knee

    Knee: Click here for knee supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  2. Back

    Back: Click here for back supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  3. Hand and Elbow

    Hand and Elbow: Click here for hand and elbow supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  4. Foot and Ankle

    Foot and ankle: Click here for foot and ankle supports with the new medi comfort knit.

Knee supports


Genumedi® pro

Genumedi® PA

Genumedi® PT

Genumedi® PSS

Perfect balance between softness and stability

High comfort in wear with knee supports from medi
  1. Optimised Comfort Zone

    Optimised Comfort Zone:

    • New rippled structure and diamond-shaped centre
    • High comfort in wear in the hollow of the knee
    • Now even softer, even sheerer and even more elastic
  2. Patellar pad with 3D profile

    Patellar pad with 3D profile:

    • Gentle massage effect
    • Reliable guidance of the patella
  3. Open inner border of the patella ring

    Open inner border of the patella ring

    • Minimises the pressure exerted on the kneecap1

    1Comparative test by the Institute for Medical Physics, University of Erlangen / Nuremberg (2009).

  4. Non-slip


    • Reliable security of fit – even when moving around
  5. Improved elasticity – full compressive effect

    Improved elasticity – full compressive effect

    • Anatomical fit
    • Reduces the effort needed for donning
  6. New fabric technology

    New fabric technology

    • Easy donning
    • Wearing comfort with tried-and-tested stability
  7. Anti-curl border in the extra-wide variant

    Anti-curl border in the extra-wide variant

    • Security of fit of the support, even for large thighs (no curling)
    • Genumedi and Genumedi PT available as extra wide variants

Pelvis orthosis and lumbar supports

Lumbamed® sacro

Lumbamed® maternity

Lumbamed® plus

Lumbamed® basic

Lumbamed® facet

Lumbamed® disc

Easy handling

Easy handling
  1. Particularly easy to put on

    The support is particularly simple to apply thanks to cleverly positioned hand loops and improved elasticity of the new comfort knit.

  2. Anatomically pre-formed

    Anatomically pre-formed and highly elastic – with full compressive action and stability.

  3. Easy opening

    The support can be opened comfortably with a single finger (due to the new triangular tab).

  4. Soft material

    Soft towelling material over the inside of the fastener for more comfort in wear.

  5. Continuous adaptation

    The fastener can be adapted continually to the abdominal contours. The edges "bend out" comfortably – especially when sitting (to stop them pressing into or chafing the skin).

Hand and elbow supports - available with the new medi comfort knitted fabric!

Manumed active


High comfort in wear

Manumed active soft support
  1. Comfort Zone

    Soft, fine and elastic for noticeably greater user comfort, even in sensitive joint areas

  2. Pressure-free cuff

    Prevents constriction

  3. Strap opening

    Relief for the outer hand bone

  4. Perfectly sized hand splint

    Effective support and stabilisation

Safe fit and customised pressure adjustment

Epicomed soft support
  1. Comfort Zone

    Soft, fine and elastic for noticeably greater user comfort, even in sensitive joint areas

  2. Wide cuff

    • Superior girding on the upper arm
    • Additional grip thanks to interwoven silicone threads
    • High user comfort and no bunching of the fabric
  3. Individually adjustable strap

    Additional support

  4. Silicone pad with innovative 3D profile

    • Gentle massage effect
    • Optimised epicondyle recess
    • Friction dots to improve microcirculation (dotted)
    • Structure profile removes deposits (ribbed)
  5. Pressure-free cuff

    Prevents constriction

Foot and ankle supports



Levamed® active

Comprehensive features for all foot and ankle supports

Levamed soft support
  1. Stretch zone

    Unique comfort knit with stretch zone on the top border for easier donning.

  2. Extended relief zone

    Extended relief zone in the instep area due to higher transverse and longitudinal elongation of the knitted fabric.

  3. Innovative knitted shape

    Thanks to the 90-degree angle, extended underfoot and curved sole - optimally moulded to the arch of the foot - the innovative knitted fabric ensures that the support fits perfectly.

  4. 3D silicon pad

    3D silicone pad for a gentle massage effect and to reduce swelling.

  5. Special fibre combination

    Special fibre combination of high-tech fibres and natural fibres from eucalyptus. It supports moisture wicking and helps to protect the skin's moisture balance.

  6. Compressive knitted fabric

    The compressive knitted fabric can improve proprioception. The improvement in proprioception supports the body‘s own guidance and stabilizes the joint.