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Lumbar support for stabilization

  • Breathable material
  • Simple to put on
  • Added comfort

  Medical specifications

Lumbar support

The protect.Lumbafix is a lumbar support. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the lower back and only on intact skin.


Product benefits

  • Breathable, elastic and light material, and anatomically-shaped knit

  • Simple to put on thanks to hand loops

  • Soft and elastic edges

Intended purpose

protect.Lumbafix is a support for stabilisation of the lumbar vertebrae.


Standard colours


Medical specifications


  • Lower back pain (lumbago), ligamentous disorders
  • Myostatic, muscular insufficiency
  • Irritative conditions of the facet joints
  • Symphysiolysis
  • Postdiscectomy syndrome
  • Irritative conditions of the lumbosacral transition

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