igli Hardboot

High quality carbon insole

  • Soft pads for soft bedding of forefoot and heel
  • Microfiber cover for a comfortable foot climate
  • Long carbon clip for transmission to the hard shell shoe

  Medical specifications

The sports insole for hard shell shoes and sturdier footwear

Integrated soft pads guarantee soft bedding of the forefoot and the heel. A special Microfiber cover ensures very good moisture absorption. The long carbon clip allows for improved force transmission to the hard shell shoe.

  • This is supported by your health insurance
  • Prescribed by a doctor


Product benefits

  • Reduces pressure peaks via integrated soft pads in the forefoot and hindfoot

Intended purpose

Medical device insole: Insoles are medical devices for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the patients’ feet.


Material components

microfiber black
EVA white (approx. 30° Shore A)
TOP Flex memory light blue (approx. 15° Shore A)
TOP Flex memory light blue (approx. 15° Shore A)
EVA blue (approx. 30° Shore A)
heel guidance
postings (approx. 50° Shore A)


35/36 – 47/48

Medical specifications


  • Hallux rigidus
  • Pes cavus
  • Pes valgus
  • Fallen arches
  • Flat foot
  • Splay foot
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Patellar tendinitis


igli carbon insoles are contraindicated for diabetes and neuropathy. Do not wear the insoles if you have an open wound on your foot.

Absolute Contraindications

  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathies
  • Severe foot deformity

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