lipomed basic

Shaping compression pantyhose
  • additional massage effect thanks to the nubbed structure
  • skin-friendly material
  • pleasant to wear
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
45% Elastane
55% Polyamide

Compression pantyhose for men and women against contour irregularitiess after suction-assisted fat removal

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lipomed basic is a compression pantyhose for men and women. It is intended for immediate use after plastic aesthetic procedures, for example, after suction-assisted fat removal (liposuction). It supports postoperative smoothing of irregularities on the surface of the skin, for example, over the hip or thigh. The high-quality material of the compression pantyhose can optimise shaping and largely prevent contour irregularities. The indications for lipomed basic are:

  • postoperative compression therapy after liposuction and liposculpture
  • postoperative compression therapy after abdomenoplasty

lipomed basic is particularly suitable for compression treatment after less comprehensive surgical procedures. Furthermore, the compression pantyhose can also be used after the acute care phase with lipomed blackline or lipomed skinline.

Pleasant wearing properties, fashionable design and useful features make it easier for the patient to wear lipomed continuously and to feel comfortable: the hook and eye closures simplifiy donning and provide a secure hold. With its nubbed-like structure, lipomed basic gently massages the tissues and supports the compression effect without stress. The generous hygiene opening makes it easier to wear consistently "around the clock".

Note: the wearing period is about four to six weeks. A longer wearing period should only take place under medical supervision.

Product features
  • Attractive and easy to care 
  • Pleasant to wear 
  • The nubby structure gently massages the tissue
  • Hook and eye closures make it easy to put on and provide a secure hold
Intended purpose

Compression wear for use directly after plastic and aesthetic surgery.

  • Post-operative compression therapy following liposuction and liposculpture
  • Post-operative compression therapy following abdominoplasty
  • Arterial circulatory disorders
  • Patient is at high risk of thrombosis
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Intolerance to material
Size table
l = Längenmaße c = Umfangmaße
Circumference in cmMeasureXSSML
Below bustcN59 - 7269 - 8279 - 9289 - 102
WaistcM57 - 6967 - 7977 - 8987 - 99
HipcL84 - 10092 - 108100 - 116108 - 124
ThighcG47 - 5754 - 6461 - 7168 - 78
Mid-thighcF38 - 4642 - 5046 - 5450 - 58
Below kneecD27 - 3430 - 3734 - 4138 - 45
AnklecB17 - 1919 - 2222 - 2626 - 30
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