Compression stockings for men

Men and technology go hand in hand – and that includes health. All medi compression stockings are high-tech: sophisticated knitting technology ensures that the pressure continuously decreases from the ankle to the knee. This means that the blood does not pool in the legs, which in turn makes for light legs. Click here for an overview of the products.

Compression stockings for men

Men’s compression stockings – for venous diseases and a sense of well-being when travelling and in everyday life

mediven stands for effective compression therapy for venous diseases. This is ensured by mediven active and mediven for men medical stockings. The over-the-counter men’s knee sock medi travel men and the over-the-counter mj-1 products support men with healthy veins on journeys, at work and with their leisure activities: for greater well-being all day long. All men’s compression stockings feature precisely defined pressure distribution. 

Compression stockings for men from specialist medical retailers

Medical compression stockings can be prescribed by your doctor if deemed necessary as compression therapy for venous diseases, swollen legs, spider veins, varicose veins and painful legs. Depending on the indication, long or short compression stockings are used, i.e. knee socks and thigh stockings or tights. Over-the-counter compression stockings and travel stockings for men with healthy veins are available without prescription from medical retailers.  

Underscore your look and sense of style with discreet men’s compression stockings – whether for business, travel or leisure. The stockings are breathable and provide long-lasting freshness.