mJ-1 city®

Semi-transparent compression stockings
  • For him and her
  • Light, fit legs when standing or sitting for long periods
  • Semi-transparent look
Product variety
Standard colours
jet black
Material components
23% elastane, 77% polyamide
Below-knee stocking

mJ-1 city®: feel-good, light knee compression stockings for him and her

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Men and women with healthy venous systems also profit from medi compression technology: with the semi-transparent stocking mJ-1 city®, your legs feel light, fit and slender all day long. This is because the continually decreasing pressure gradient from the ankle up to the knee keeps the blood in the leg veins on the move. This can, if necessary, prevent swelling and pain. Pamper yourself and boost your well-being on light legs – at work, in the home office and in your leisure time. mJ-1 city® is available from your medical supply store  without a prescription.

Product features
  • For him and her
  • Knee sock with a matt surface in a semi-transparent look
  • Clima Comfort for the perfect climate exchange
  • Clima Fresh: ensures long-lasting freshness for the legs and feet
  • For people with a healthy venous system
  • Not prescribable
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